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Jade bar soap

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Jade bar of soap with real jade crystal on top

This listing is for one 6oz. bar of handmade soap. 

We make all our soaps in small batches by hand using the old fashion cold process method on our farm in the Missouri Ozarks. It doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils like the store bought brands do. Each bar of soap is aged at least 4 weeks to be gentle on your skin.
I made several batches of soap before I got the recipe just how I wanted. It is my own which you won't find anywhere else. It is made with all vegan materials like olive oil, castor oil, palm oil and more.

I cut each soap by hand so they may not be cut exactly the same and the designs may differ some than the picture

Remember that to get the longest life from your soap you need to store your soaps in a spot that drains and stays dry between each use. Due to the high natural glycerin content in handmade soap, it attracts moisture and will last longer if left to dry.

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Our Ingredients are: Water, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Lye, Mica, fragrance